Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Go Green & Preen ;)

Hey Guys,

How are you all doing this week? Was wondering how it would be like with a mid week off! Come to work for 2 days, go on a break with mid week off and come again for 2 days and then enjoy weekends....sounds too good to be true :D 

Okay back to reality. Here we are fighting off the Wednesday Greens...similar to Monday Blues. And what better way to ward of the mood-lowering evils than with our makeup and beauty sword :)

Enjoy the pictures :)

With the BB cover ;)
Mingling with nature's green
Lovely embroidery on my dress
Greens in my office too 8-)

Preen time for fingers ;)



  1. You have pretty long nails tara.. Gorgeous nails

    1. Hey thanks voiceofrm :) Currently I'm loving this shade a lot!!!