Monday, September 24, 2012

A Mini Ethnic Haul

Hey Guys,

This ethnic haul was done some time ago and forgot to share with you all. It was an event that happened in CP New Delhi called Puraani Delhi ka khaana…..yum!! I must say the event was very nicely organized even after being a no-fee-for-entry one. The cleanliness was properly considered which I liked the most. There were live performances too. So let me jump now directly to the stuff I got from there.

Here’s the first one:  Black Golden Potli Clutch
I was eyeing a potli sort of clutch that can go with my heavy sarees esp in golden tone. And when I saw this I knew I got to buy it!

The most awesome stuff we had was jalebis….all with a sweet tooth would understand the power of those sweet-juice-filled-round-pipes. They were out of the world, damn crispy and sweet.

Next is bangles in pretty blue.


Last thing I picked up was a casual bangle bracelet. Something in it attracted me so much so that after leaving it once I came back to grab it. May be the smoothness, or the shine, or the design….or maybe everything.  ;)

All in all a fundoo Saturday evening with whole family at the good old CP. It happens to be one of my favorites places in the capital. Hope u guys liked what I pick.

Which is your favorite place in the city?