Tuesday, January 14, 2014

OOTD - Blue & Teal

Hey Guys,

How are doing?  Fiddling with resolutions or done with them all already :P Well I'm really not into resolutions it seems...yeah not at all. I like doing things from heart whenever I want. I really rejoice the freedom flexibility provides. And love those moments when things come together perfectly that too by chance. I mean planning and executing is undoubtedly worth striving for but unplanned things can be enjoyed too. Going no, sailing with the flow like in a boat :)

Anyhow today winters showed some mercy in Delhi and this is what I threw on. This shrug is little light in in texture for heavy foggy low temperatures. I recall I pulled this shrug on the onset of winters and then it only got the opportunity today. I liked the way the teal shrug as come on the satin blue top both color and fit wise B-) What do you think? 

Happieie Tuesday everyone! 
Take care.